Schenectady’s Stockade residents used to flooding

Flooding caused by ice jams has been a threat to people and homes in Schenectady’s Stockade district. People there are closely monitoring the developments.

Suzanne Unger, president of the Stockade Association says they are hoping there will not be much flooding, but says her organization is prepared to help people.

“Unfortunately when the weather turns like this, we’re at risk for flooding. And it’s not the whole neighborhood, but it’s a significant portion of it,” Unger said.

Ingersoll Avenue has been an area hit hard with flooding in the past.

“The neighbors from all over, the unflooded areas, come down and provide food and space. I know people that have put up other neighbors for weeks and months at a time.” She said.

Unger says people in the Stockade should monitor the water levels and be prepared.

“The people who are subject to the most flooding can come down here and look, which I think a lot of people do. And if it does look like their house is going to flood, then they need to evacuate and find a safer place to be,” she said.

Unger says there is a proposal to move the houses on Ingersoll Avenue a little bit to the east, up and out of the flood plains.

“The best outcome would be to come up with a long-term solution that would protect these houses that would be subject to flooding periodically,” she said.

Schenectady County is warning residents who live in low-lying areas to be vigilant over the next 24 hours. Part of the region is under a flood watch.