Setting boundaries important when working from home

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Is the stress of working from home getting to you? A clinical psychologist at Cleveland Clinic says it’s important to set boundaries while working.

For example, you may be tempted to check your e-mail after your shift or finish up a project, but you really should try to unplug for the night.

It can also help to create a designated office space in your house to limit any distractions.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself during the day.

"People often experience burnout when they feel like things are out of control. When they have a lot of stressors and they do not feel like their needs are being taken into account, or they don’t feel like they can do something about the stressors. So burnout just isn’t about the volume of the workload, it’s about how much control the worker feels like they have," said Dawn Potter, PsyD with Cleveland Clinic.

While it’s normal to feel stressed about work at times, doctors say if it’s starting to become a major disruption to your life, talk with your doctor.