State police shoot armed man after Ballston standoff

An overnight standoff in the town of Ballston ended Sunday morning with an armed man being shot by state police.

Troopers responded to a Ballston Lake home around 7 p.m. Saturday after a report of a man firing a shotgun in a field close to a home. They say the man made suicidal comments to a resident of the home.

State police found the man outside his home at 17 Sweet Road a short time later, and he ran inside. Crisis negotiators tried to get him to surrender peacefully throughout the night, with no success.

Just before 7 a.m. the 27-year-old man came out of his home with the shotgun. Police say he ignored orders to put the weapon down. That’s when a member of the special response team fired a single shot, hitting the man in the upper body.

There is no word on charges at this time, but the man is being held under guard at the hospital.