Stefanik asked about Ukraine while touring Brunswick dairy farm

Redrawn congressional district maps mean Elise Stefanik will represent parts of Rensselaer County.

The congresswoman had her first official tour of the county on Thursday.

She visited the Herrington Farm in Brunswick. The farm’s owner is Phil Herrington, who is the Republican supervisor in Brunswick.
Herrington, County Executive Steve McLaughlin, and other GOP officials, were there to welcome Stefanik with open arms as the new congressional representative for this county.

Much of the time was spent touring the dairy farm. The Herringtons milk more than 700 cows on this farm.

Much of the discussion between the farmer and the congresswoman focused on his needs and his wants from both the state and federal government.

Herrington’s top priority is to make sure the state doesn’t impose a 40-hour minimum overtime pay policy for farmworkers.

Stefanik said she’s hopeful she’ll be able to find bipartisan opportunities to help farmers.

During a Q&A session with reporters, Stefanik addressed several questions about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During that time, she chose to point fingers at the Biden administration.

"Vladimir Putin is a thug who is blood-thirsty and he’s an authoritarian. I condemn both his authoritarian actions over this past year, but this invasion to Ukraine," said Stefanik. "Ukraine is an important partner for the United States and frankly, we have Europe who is under attack right now, but make no mistake, this is a result of Joe Biden’s failed leadership."

Stefanik also stated she believes in crippling sanctions on the Russian economy, and the Russian energy sector, in addition to freezing the assets of Russian oligarchs living in the United States, and others who support Putin’s authoritarian regime.