Study: 500k+ kids injured by furniture, TV tipovers since 1990

A new study reveals that more than a half-million children have been injured in a TV or furniture tip-over since 1990.

The study finds 70% of children were younger than 6, and almost half of injuries were to the head or neck.

The study also found 3% were admitted to the hospital.

A large proportion of furniture injuries involved tip-overs of dressers, wardrobes and bookcases that were not secured to the wall.

A proposed law called the “Sturdy Act” would require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to develop a mandatory safety standard to protect young children from tip-over injuries.

It was passed by the U.S. House in June and is awaiting action in the Senate.

TV tip-overs accounted for 41% of all tip-over injuries during the study period, but the number decreased substantially after 2010.

The study was led by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and published in ‘Injury Epidemiology’.