Supply chain issues plaguing car repair shops

You may need to pack your patience the next time you bring your car in for repairs.

In some cases, it’s taking six weeks or more to get parts.

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That’s the reality across the country and right here in the Capital Region, as supply chain issues continue to plague repair and auto body shops.

There was once a time when the estimated completion of auto repairs was based on the number of hours a job would take. That’s not the case anymore.

Clint Fluegge owns and operates Colby Body & Fender and Rayno Automotive in Albany. He says the availability of parts and paint is not good, and it’s creating a kind of trouble they and other businesses like them have never faced before.

It is not just parts. Paint, tint and clear coat are all harder to find.

That’s creating quite a backlog of cars.

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With the extended wait times for parts, Fluegge says more and more of his customers are wishing they had made one small change to their insurance policies. Learn what that is by watching the video of Jerry Gretzinger’s story.