Tennessee comic store buys banned book to give away for free

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A comic book store in Tennessee is buying thousands of copies of the book "Maus" to give away after a county board of education took the book out of its curriculum.

Nirvana Comics in Knoxville says they have raised more than $80,000 to buy thousands of copies of the book "Maus" for families in Tennessee.

They announced the store would give away copies of the book… After the McMinn County Board of Education gained national attention for removing it from their curriculum.

The book is a graphic novel written about the Holocaust.

After last week’s announcement, owners say the fundraising spread through social media.

"We are going to be able to buy a copy of "Maus" for every, every student who has requested one so far. We’ve got a huge waiting list from people all over the country. We are going to prioritize the Tennessee area, so those kids are going to get their books first," said Rich Davis, with Nirvana Comics.

The store says this idea got really big really fast.

They had to turn to GoFundMe, and they’ll meet with larger non-profits on how to best take in the money and give out the books.