Trooper PBA Union president ‘outraged and disgusted’ at Cuomo allegations

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As outlined in the attorney general’s report, one of the women who was allegedly sexually harassed by the governor was a state trooper assigned to his private security detail.

NYSTPBA President Tom Mungeer says he’s "outraged and disgusted" that one of his members, who was tasked with guarding the governor and ensuring his safety could not enjoy the same sense of security in her own work environment.

Mungeer also tells NewsChannel 13 that trooper is still on the job, serving the people of the state of New York proudly.

As outlined in the attorney general’s report, the governor requested that this particular young female trooper be assigned to his private security detail.

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Mungeer says there have been female troopers and investigators serving on the governor’s security detail for a long time, and he doesn’t expect that to change, even though Mungeer says something else has changed in the last couple of days.

"Do I look at the governor in the same way? Absolutely not. This report came out. I believe those 11 women. I believe the presence of my troopers’ testimony in that actually adds to the credibility overall," said Mungeer. "I’m not saying there was any lack of credibility before in any of them, but I think it gives a lot of people pause that when a state trooper is there and saying this happened also, I believe that all the complaints are that more readily acceptable in their minds."

Mungeer also says Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul also has state police protection, and as far as he knows, Hochul’s security detail has not been beefed up since the AG’s report came out.