White House announces new guidelines for students exposed to COVID

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The White House has announced a new set of guidelines Friday for students and quarantine restrictions if exposed to COVID.

The strategy includes a "test to stay" approach, changing mandatory quarantines for students that had close contact with a COVID positive peer, they can remain in school now if they test negative for the virus at least twice in a week’s time after exposure.

Schools across the country are reacting to recent outbreaks by canceling classes and moving final exams online.

As COVID cases continue to rise, health officials continue to push vaccinations, mask-wearing, and testing before enjoying time with family during the holiday season.

The Centers for Disease Control conducted studies in two school districts. One prevented 8,000 missed school days using "test to stay." Another that didn’t use it lost 92,000 school days.

The downside is it takes a lot of tests and people to give them to make the program work.

That’s why the CDC continues to urge schools to use masks, ventilation, social distancing, and hand-washing to slow the spread.

They also urge parents to get children over 5 vaccinated.

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