Greenwich helps rival Salem get to girls softball playoff game

Washington County schools set rivalries aside

Washington County schools set rivalries aside as Greenwich helps Salem girls softball with transportation to playoff game.

One Washington County school district put their rivalry aside to help the other’s athletic program.
The Salem varsity girls softball team made it to the state semifinal in Brookhaven on Long Island last week, but they didn’t have a bus or a driver to get there.

Nearby Greenwich Central School, a rival of Salem’s, stepped up to help by providing a bus and a driver to take them.

Superintendent of Schools Julie Adams said that because they were short on drivers, a local tour company was unable to honor bus reservation that Queensbury passed on to Salem after they lost their bid to get to the state semifinals.

Because of the Belmont Stakes happening in Saratoga, they could not get any other passenger van or large SUV rentals.

They reached out on social media the evening before the team was supposed to leave and Greenwich responded. She thanked Greenwich.

“It is a special time for us and we could not have done it without the help of Greenwich CSD.  It was an amazing act of sportsmanship and neighborly love,” she said.