Quantum computing could mean faster advances in medical research

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Medical research plays a critical role in healthcare, helping with the discovery and development of treatments for many different diseases.

Now that research could be happening faster with the use of quantum computing.

Doctors say it will allow them to not only look at data in new ways, but will also potentially make patient care easier.

Researchers say the quantum computer could also help speed up access to new medications.

“I think we knew this before, but COVID actually showed the world that, ‘Hey, we need to find this solution fast.’ It needs to be accurate and it needs to be translated fast, and that really demonstrated that we’re struggling,” said Ahmet Erdemir, PhD with Cleveland Clinic. “That’s why that really justifies, in my mind, why we should have discovery accelerators.”

It can currently take more than 15 years for a drug to go from an idea to being available to the public.