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Albany woman's new funeral home serving others in time of need

Albany woman's new funeral home serving others in time of need

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Honoring a Saratoga woman's legacy

Honoring a Saratoga woman's legacy

Mom and daughter's Schenectady dance school gaining fame

Woman's compassionate 'blessing bags' help give back to community

Kuhlkin credits bowling with helping to live her dreams

Organist 'strikes chord' at Rensselaer County church for 80+ years

There is no mistaking the sound of an organ. It is said to be one of the more complex musical instruments.

Woman hopes baseball-themed book can help bridge divides

It was once a catchphrase, but for one local woman, baseball has been very, very good to her. Now she's trying to inspire others -- especially young people -- with a new baseball-themed book she's written.

Woman dedicated to helping immigrants

Our lives take us in a direction sometimes that we don't always understand. But the saying goes, all things happen for a reason -- and for a local woman that means she was meant to help others just like her.

Woman's nature art a beauty to behold

If you don't live near a body of water or get to behold the beauty of nature, an area woman might be able to help you. Her portraits of nature are quite simply a sight to behold.

Women representing Capital Region in National Poetry Slam

A group of women will represent Albany in the National Poetry Slam in Chicago on August 13. They are eager to showcase their poems and show the audience the type of talent Albany has to offer.

Persistence to make school intersection safer finally pays off

Sacandaga Road in Scotia is one busy road. Big trucks, cars, Jeeps, and SUVs all come whizzing by. The problem is the road sits just in front of Scotia-Glenville High School. That caused problems for Marina Onderdonk-Milne, a student in a wheelchair, who for years has just wanted to get to school in one piece.

Woman overcomes weight challenges for better life

She says most of the women in her family were full-figured so she accepted it, until she found herself at nearly 350 pounds.

Women trying to make ancient hymns relevant in modern world

If you're a music lover, you know there are numerous genres and choices. However, there's one category some say is waning. Two area women are trying to change that.

Woman creates art from used tea bags

If you're a tea drinker, you might want to take another look at that used tea bag. A Coxsackie woman has found a way to turn them into art, and she's grabbing the attention of people around the world.

Troy woman combines love of food and history into immersive experience

It’s a win-win for tourists, restaurants and she gets to do something she loves.

Capital Region woman gaining fame for accessories

In her native Panama, Karen "Kema" Maxwell could never have imagined her creations would take her all the way to New York and the runway. 

Group's poetry, stories lifting veil on domestic violence

The stats are sobering. On average, 24 people per minute in the United States are victims of rape, stalking or physical violence by an intimate partner. As a result of the violence, women often have feelings of shame and guilt.

Albany woman's new perspective has her going from GED to Ph.D.

An Albany woman's life was out of control until she took control. Now, she's an inspiration showing what you can achieve if you change your perspective.

Tattoo artist makes her mark in Troy

Now, tattooing has gone mainstream. It's a way, she says, for people to express who they are.

Woman's podcast giving a voice to people who stutter

This is National Stuttering Awareness Week. Oftentimes, when people think of someone who stutters, they think of men. However, women stutter too -- although they are a minority within a minority. Now, a local woman is giving them a voice.

Grant helping college transform women into successful leaders

It's happening more and more -- women winning -- changing the face of politics. New groups like Higher Heights making sure black women too are part of this new political landscape.

Women's internet talk-show inspiring others to unleash inner beauty

Two women are getting a lot of attention for a new talk show they've begun. They're not whizzes when it comes to technology, but feel the message is more important than the medium it’s delivered through.

Business giving two friends a 'leg up' in the community

Ozgul Ucan and Arzu Demircan run Leggings World in Crossgates Mall and Viaport Rotterdam.

Nurse's compassion can mean the world to her patients

Judy DeLong-Broda sees people in ways many of us don't. They include people with disabilities, people with social issues or mental health issues, or people who don't have family. That means she's seen people who can easily fall through the cracks.

Capital Region woman finally lives out her dream

Since she was a child Monica Kasongo Muamba has had a flair for fashion.

Stocks plunge on weak industrial earnings; tech skid resumes

Peter Mazza, Daniel Trimble

Assistant scoutmaster, volunteer firefighter facing child pornography charges

Nick Hochmuth

Senators call for new federal safety regs for stretch limos

Senators call for new federal safety regs for stretch limos

Pompeo: US response in Khashoggi case will await Saudi probe

Mike Pompeo

Former Office of Mental Health official accused of child endangerment

Former Office of Mental Health official accused of child endangerment

Texas authorities find father of boy left on doorstep

A woman who is accused of abandoning a child on the doorstep of a home in Spring, Texas, on Oct. 17, 2018, is seen in this image take from surveillance video released by investigators.

Troy police investigate armed robbery

Troy police investigate armed robbery

Cyber security panel discussion held at Albany Medical College

Cyber security panel discussion held at Albany Medical College

Toys for Tots launches holiday campaign

Toys for Tots launches holiday campaign

Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $970M as drawing approaches

Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $970M as drawing approaches