Convicted Albany murderer recalls what led up to deadly night

Convicted Albany murder recalls what led up to deadly night

He’s in prison for a 2015 Albany murder. He was 16 when it happened. Now 25, he’s looking back on that awful night, and what led him down the wrong path.

Jaushi’ir Weaver shot and killed a man on the corner of Lark Street and Sheridan Avenue in Albany in 2015. He was 16 years old at the time.

The victim was Courtney Yates, 27, a young father of six children.

The shooting was in retaliation for another death, said police, and Yates was not the intended target. He was an innocent bystander.

Weaver was charged with murder, accused of firing the gun several times into a crowd of people.
He was found guilty in 2016. That conviction was reversed on appeal for error in jury instruction. He was retried and found guilty again just last month. He’s currently in prison.

There were also two other men involved in the crime. Learn about what they admitted to by watching the video of Subrina Dhammis story.

In part two of Subrinas report on Wednesday, hear Weavers message to teens so they dont end up on the wrong path like he did.