East Greenbush lowers the speed limit; some speeders still zip through town

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The town of East Greenbush just changed the speed limit on most town roads, but are drivers slowing down? 13 Investigates Tessa Bentulan took to the streets with a radar gun to find out.

Officers with East Greenbush police say they see a lot of speeders on Michael Road. It’s near the YMCA and Columbia High School.

The East Greenbush town board changed the speed limit on most town roads in late May from 30 mph to 25 mph.

“We have a lot of residential neighborhoods, a lot of town roads where the speeds can get up pretty high,” Michael Guadagnino, a detective sergeant with East Greenbush police, said.

Guadagnino said lowering the speed limit by five miles an hour can make a big difference.

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“If it’s 30, they may do 35. So, hoping that it’s 25; they’ll stick at 25. If not, we’re at least not getting speeds much greater than that,” he said.

However, that’s not always the case, and the police know that. The highest speed clocked on the radar gun was 40 mph.

“Our hope is always that everybody would do the speed limit. That being said, we all know that not everybody does the speed limit,” Guadagnino said.

Guadagnino said the town is still transitioning many old 30 mph speed limit signs with the new 25 mph signs.

Only a handful of town roads will remain in 30 mph zones: American Oil Road, Discovery Drive, Ridge Road, Tempel Lane, Upper Mannix Road, Waters Road and Werking Road.