Hijacked Facebook page causing big headaches for Glens Falls man

When Ray Agnew’s not singing and performing – either at coffee houses or church services – he’s an administrator at Glens Falls Hospital. He also serves on the boards of hospice, the chamber of commerce and the Glens Falls Symphony. He’s a pillar of the community.

However, his Facebook page is posting and selling fraudulent items. They include motorcycles, ATVs, a trampoline, TVs, game systems, even a hot tub.

Agnew got a Facebook message from a friend saying he’d been locked out of his account and asked Ray for his help getting back in. They used the option of Facebook texting you a code. He gave the code to his “friend” and got hacked.

Agnew realizes now that he was naive and shouldn’t have shared the code without verifying that it was really his friend who was asking for it.

What he’s more concerned about is how the hackers have posted these fraudulent items for sale, looking to scam people using his good name. 

There’s apparently no depth to which the scammers won’t stoop. With the ability to post whatever they want, they posted phony items for sale on the Facebook page of this church where Agnew was a musical director.

That was several weeks ago. Agnew has contacted Facebook dozens of times. His friends have also reported the fraud, but these items are still posted on Agnew’s page.

Agnew has made over a hundred reports of fraud to Facebook. He’s also received a hundred responses that say this doesn’t violate community standards.

Meanwhile, Facebook is doing absolutely nothing. There’s no customer service number to call, and no way to talk to a human being.

This problem is still continuing, and having real consequences. A friend of his sent a $100 downpayment to the fake Ray Agnew. The real Ray Agnew reimbursed them.

Agnew has not been able to connect with a human being at Facebook. And neither has 13 Investigates. Meta’s phone, 1-650-543-4800, connects to the website’s help section. Emails have gone unanswered. Agnew also contacted police and the attorney general who asked him if he’d be seeking restitution. He told them he only wants Facebook to take down the phony page and develop what he calls “a real customer service program.”

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