Hijacked Facebook page leads to big problems for Glens Falls man

A man from Glens Falls has had his Facebook page hijacked and completely taken over. Whoever did it is using the page to sell phony items in his name.

It happened to Ray Agnew, a vice president of Glens Falls Hospital.

He gave his Facebook access code to a person he thought was a friend who had been locked out of their account.

It turns out he was being scammed, and the scammer immediately took over his page and started posting items for sale – items that don’t exist. They were still posting items as of Friday, and people are sending them money, thinking that it’s Agnew who is selling them.

13Investigates reached out to Facebook on Agnew’s behalf.

Learn about how we made out and how a Glens Falls church plays into this story, on our late news after the football game on Sunday night, and on WNYT.com.