New AI app can help you find last minute Christmas gifts

New AI app can held you find last minute Christmas gifts

You can use AI to buy those last minute Christmas gifts using a new app called “Cheerful.” NewsChannel 13’s Tessa Bentulan tested it out on some of our coworkers.

If you’re stumped on gift ideas, AI might be able to help you find that last-minute Christmas gift.

A new app called “Cheerful” is Santa’s little digital helper. It launched in November, right in time for the holidays.

Cheerful uses a person’s name, age, gender, and interests to find the ideal holiday gift. Once you put all the information in, you’ll get several gift ideas in a matter of seconds. You can also make sure the gift ideas are within your budget.

If you like the gift ideas Cheerful comes up with, it will then direct you to Amazon.

The creator of the app, Ben Revzin said the more specific you are about a person’s interests, the better results you’ll get.

“It has been hugely helpful for a lot of people already. We launched in November. We’ve come up with more than 70,000 gift ideas for people now. It’s growing quickly,” Revzin said.

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