Three high speed chases show what happened before Dalton police sergeant was fired

In the cruiser camera video From March 21, you can see Dalton Police Sergeant Bustin Buzzella making a U-turn.

Buzzella immediately starts to speed up. From the video, you can’t see what the emergency is yet.

But, Buzzella is flying past cars – hitting 92mph at one point.

Buzzella slows down as he goes through a busy intersection but hits the gas soon after. This time hitting 100.

A disciplinary action report says Buzzella was driving at an unsafe speed. It also states buzzella was trying to stop a car for speeding.

The report states the car did not stop and went through a red light and hit another vehicle and then sped off.

Buzzella lost sight of the car.

In the video, Buzzella made several U-turns on a busy intersection and even talking to another driver.

Minutes later, buzzella ends up at a crash scene.

The report said the car Buzzella was chasing after ended up crashing into several other cars in Pittsfield, MA. The rest of the video shows Buzzella helping other officers and first responders on scene.

The report also states Dalton Police Chief, Deanna Strout gave Buzzella a verbal warning and he was, “never to operate a cruiser at a high rate of speed like that” again or face further disciplinary action.

However, he did. The last straw was when a man died during the police pursuit involving Buzzella.

Watch the other two high speed chases below.