Trial for accused kidnapper set for April 8

DA ready to try case against accused kidnapper

DA ready to try case against accused kidnapper

A trial for the man accused of a kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from Moreau Lake State Park last year has been scheduled for April 8.

Craig N. Ross Jr. of Milton, is facing charges that include kidnapping, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Ross, 46, allegedly abducted the girl from the park on Sept. 30, which set off a frantic two-day search. The girl was found with Ross in a camper behind a trailer home in the town of Milton.

Prosecutors have turned over 2,900 photos, 620 body-worn camera images, a 364-page police report and hundreds of surveillance videos.

“The people’s position is we have exercised due diligence and at this time, we would declare ready for trial,” said Assistant District Attorney Jen Buckley.

Ross’ attorney, Matthew Maiello, said he received a hard drive with two million files on it.

Ross is due back in court on Feb. 21 for an accept or reject conference. At this point, it’s not clear whether there are any offers on the table.

Judge Jim Murphy has rejected a request for Ross to make virtual appearances because of a health condition.

Ross could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

He was wearing a Kevlar vest in court. There has been at least one threat on his life.

One of the little girls’ family members was in court on Thursday.

She said she wants to “make sure that justice prevails and that this sociopath goes away forever because that’s what really has to happen.”

“It’s really hard to face this person who could do such a horrible thing. Evil is real.”