Activists say man shot by Albany police last year was wrongfully charged

There was an abrupt ending Tuesday to a rally in Albany for a man shot by police one year ago.

The Center for Law and Justice wanted to hand over petitions to the Albany County District Attorney, asking for charges against Jordan Young to be dropped. However, it wasn’t allowed.

Members from the Center for Law and Justice along with Young’s aunt and his defense team were outside the building, with a folder filled with signed petitions. They wanted to give that to the district attorney, but they couldn’t.

The small group was first told by security that they needed an appointment to go to the district attorney’s office. That’s until Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Alice Green reminded them this is a public building. She was then allowed to go inside, but she came out with the papers still in her hand. She says the secretary wouldn’t even take the papers.

Young was illegally stopped by police, argued the defense team. His attorney said he did not fit the description of the person they were looking for and goes on to say he does have mental health issues and wasn’t handled properly.

Green said the district attorney could have taken the signed petitions but said his refusal just shows that he is determined to send Young to prison and doesn’t want to listen to the people.

We did attempt to reach out to the District Attorney’s Office and Albany Police for comment, but they did not respond.