Albany Airport glitch charges $115,000 for 22 years of parking

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Some travelers got quite the shock after parking at Albany International Airport this week. Some saw a bill for more than $100,000.

An airport spokesman says a power outage caused the power system to restart. This re-set the start date to January 1, 2000. This meant some travelers who parked in the main garages Sunday evening were billed for 22 years. The problem was resolved within a matter of a few hours and only a handful of people were impacted.

“Our parking staff responded to each incident, determined the actual date that the vehicle was initially parked, and processed correct payment based on the actual date,” said Doug Myers, a spokesman for Albany International Airport.

NewsChannel 13 asked travelers what they would do if they saw a bill that high. Several travelers say they would be shocked if they saw a bill that high, and definitely wouldn’t pay it.

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Hear some of their reactions by watching the video of Jonathan Hunter’s story.