Albany County legislator says she’s ‘destined’ to lead city of Albany

Albany County Legislator Carolyn McLaughlin is throwing her hat in the ring again for Albany mayor.

If elected, McLaughlin would be the first Black person to lead the city of Albany. She has more than 30 years of experience in public service, and has marked her place in history before. She was elected president of the Albany Common Council in 2009 becoming the first African American person in that role.

In an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 13, McLaughlin said she is destined to lead the city of Albany.

“Albany is a city that has so much opportunity for growth and progress, and I believe that we have missed some of those opportunities,” McLaughlin explained. “Billions of dollars literally are being poured into the Capital Region, poured into Albany, and yet we’re missing those opportunities. I want to grab hold to them, and move the city forward.”

It’s reported that Mayor Kathy Sheehan will not seek re-election in the 2025 mayoral race. NewsChannel 13 has reached out to her office for confirmation. Chief City Auditor Dorcey Applyrs made her announcement to run last November.

Carolyn McLaughlin To Run for Albany Mayor

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