Albany County Sheriff’s Office launch new “Officer Wellness” app to equip first responders with mental health resources

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office launched a new “Officer Wellness” app to assist with the various health issues and hardship that first responders face every day.

The Sheriff’s Office said they are trying to become more aware of how trauma can cause critical effects on a person’s well-being and their career, and that they want to provide a supportive environment for first responders so they can get the help they need.

The app is confidential and includes self-assessments, guidance on common behavioral health issues, instructional videos, a therapist finder, and more.

It also includes a “Wellness Toolkit,” which covers a range of health topics that may not be work-related, such as alcohol abuse, depression, family issues, financial stress, marriage guidance, and suicide prevention, said the Sheriff’s Office.

They say that the stigma surrounding first responder’s mental health needs to end, and this is a step to end the stigma.

The Officer Wellness app is available to download for the Sheriff’s Office personnel and their family members, as well as all first responders in Albany County.