Albany man sentenced in transgender woman’s murder

A man was sentenced Friday to 25 years to life in prison for shooting and killing a transgender woman he was dating in 2022.

Iaeir Robinson fatally shot Ahsid Hemingway-Powell in 2022. He was found guilty in November.
On top of 25 years to life, Judge William Little also sentenced Robinson to an additional five years for felony gun possession.

Robinson was found guilty in November of the shooting, which happened at Powell’s apartment on Old Hickory Drive in Albany.

Robinson had just contracted HIV from her and was worried about people finding out that he was dating a transgender woman.

Hemingway-Powell’s sister and mother gave victim impact statements in court.

The sister said her family never had it easy, but love always filled their home. She says it’s the only blessing in life that came easy, and it’s unfair Hemingway-Powell was taken away from them and did not deserve this.

During sentencing, Little said Robinson should not be ashamed about the lifestyle he was living, but should be ashamed of what he did. Robinson tried to interrupt Judge Little.

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