Albany Med investigation leads police to gas-filled trailer home

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The investigation into what happened at Albany Medical Center on Monday led police to conduct a search warrant at 2 Ahl Avenue in Colonie, which is located inside a trailer park. That’s the home of the suspect, Dino Savoca.

There was a strong odor of natural gas when detectives entered the home. It appears the stove was left on intentionally, and there was a candle burning. 

Albany Police, Colonie Police and the Fuller Road Fire Department all responded.

When fire crews arrived, they didn’t know it was connected to the Albany Medical Center investigation, Fuller Road Fire Chief Mike Romano said.

When the fire department got there, police told them residents at the trailer park were evacuated for their safety. Romano’s fire team had to give permission before anyone could go back inside. 

The level of gas coming from the stove was low, said Romano, but he’s thankful police got there when they did. 

“Luckily, that’s why it never reached an explosive point. We never had a major explosion,” said Romano. “If this trailer blew from a natural gas explosion, it would have been catastrophic.”

A lock has been put on Savoca’s gas meter, so it can’t be turned on right now.

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