Albany Police investigating homicide on Clinton Avenue

Albany police investigate homicide

Albany police are investigating a homicide that they call domestic-related. The victim's cousin says he was a quiet, humble man.

Police are investigating a homicide in Albany that they call domestic-related.

Police were called to a home on the 300 Clinton Avenue in Albany just after 10:30 Friday night where they say they found 30-year-old Jieshi Williams unconscious.

David Timmons is grieving the loss of his relative.

“So sad, man. It’s my little cousin,” he said. “I love him, man. So sad. It hurts me to my heart. It really does.”

Williams was taken to Albany med where he died.

According to police, the victim and his girlfriend were at a gathering with another couple in the area, and at some point, he got into a physical fight with the other man.

“It’s tragic that he had to lose his life in a fight. And he’s not a fighter, that’s what I’m saying. So I don’t know how this came about. He’s a very humble dude. He barely says two words around family meetings, when we have family gatherings. He doesn’t say anything. he’s very quiet. So I don’t understand how this happened to him,” said Timmons.

Police say Williams later died from blunt force trauma.

Timmons is in disbelief.

“Two weeks ago I was just at his house on 2nd Street talking to him on top of the stairs– now this happens. It’s crazy, man.”

Police say they have a person of interest in custody.

They have not yet released any details about charges or the suspect.