Another person hit and killed in Colonie crash

COLONIE – It was the tail end of Tuesday evening rush hour. While the season’s first snow fall blanketed the Capital Region, a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances resulted in yet another pedestrian being struck and killed by a car on heavily traveled Central Avenue.

Fatal car vs. pedestrian crash under investigation

An investigation is under way after a man was killed in a Colonie crash.

“There’s six miles of Central Avenue in Colonie and over the years we have had quite a few pedestrian crashes and numerous fatalities,” Colonie Police Lt. Robert Donnelly said.

Road conditions at the time, combined with poor choices by the pedestrian, made it difficult for the 33-year-old eastbound driver to avoid the tragic impact, Donnelly said.

“In this case, the gentleman was mid-block,” said Donnelly. “Not anywhere near a crosswalk. There’s no direct lighting in the middle of the road. Based on the weather and the darkness, his clothing was dark, he was pushing a shopping cart and unfortunately the driver just didn’t see him in time.”

The victim had no identification on him or near him at the time. Area business owners told NewsChannel 13 the man is kind of a fixture in the neighborhood, believed to be homeless, and often seen wandering up and down Central Avenue.

Neither speed nor alcohol was a factor in the crash, police said. No charges have been filed.