Baby born inside truck in Berkshire County

How many of us have delivered a baby in the back seat of a truck?
Well one Berkshire family can say they did!
Tiffany Payton joins us with the story of the Maloney family who welcomed their baby girl in the front seat of their car.

A birth in Berkshire County that didn’t go anything like one couple planned is how they ended up with their little girl.

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This isn’t your typical home delivery.

You can call this one a car delivery.

From start to finish the entire story is just incredible.

At around 9 a.m., the Maloney family was traveling in their Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck.
The couple was trying to beat the clock and get checked in at the hospital to prepare for Charleigh’s arrival.
But Brittany’s contractions progressed.
As the couple drove through Windsor, Charleigh was ready to make her entrance into the world.

That’s right, the baby’s head was already outside of the birth canal.
With one hand on the wheel, in a miraculous catch, Michael caught the newborn and moved the baby up to his wife’s stomach.
But Charleigh’s delivery story doesn’t end there.
The family needed more help. The umbilical cord was still attached. So, they called 911.
The dispatcher directed them to the Dalton Fire District.
They were able to cut the umbilical cord.
The Maloney’s made their way to the Berkshire Medical Center and Charleigh weighed in at 7lbs 12oz.

This would be baby number 2 for the family, but it’ll serve as one memory they’ll never forget.

We reached out to the Dalton Fire Chief for comment but didn’t hear back.