Bail denied again for man charged in Kaylin Gillis shooting

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Kevin Monahan, the man accused of killing Kaylin Gillis, was back in court on Thursday.

Monahan’s attorney, Kurt Mausert, argued Thursday the Hebron man should have a chance to post bail because he’s not a flight risk, and there’s nothing to indicate he is.

Mausert said the judge only considered the extent of the harm caused and Monahan’s history of gun use, and before April 15, he was never charged with a crime involving guns.

This was a state Supreme Court habeas corpus hearing, in essence an appeal of the county judge’s decision to send Monahan to jail without bail for the alleged murder of Gillis, 20, on April 15. Gillis was a passenger in a car that mistakenly turned around in Monahan’s driveway in Hebron.

Washington County District Attorney Tony Jordan underscored Judge Adam Michelini did not abuse his discretion and made the right call — that Monahan is a flight risk because he’s a 65-year-old man facing up to life in prison and has the financial means to take off. He also pointed out that Judge Michelini can weigh the seriousness of the charge when deciding bail.

As Gillis’ father sat in court with well-known area attorneys Bill Dreyer and Don Boyajian, Judge Robert Muller ruled the lower court was right when it decided to send Monahan to jail with no chance for bail.

If convicted, Monahan faces a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 years to life in prison.

See the moment when the judge announced his decision by watching the video of Mark Mulhollands story.

Kaylin Gillis
Kaylin Gillis, 20, was shot and killed on April 15 in Hebron.