Bethlehem Central Schools beef up security after Level 3 sex offender on property

Level 3 sex offender on school property

Michael Wilson, of Glens Falls, was sent to the Warren County Jail and his parole could be revoked.

The Bethlehem Central School District is beefing up its visitor screening protocol after a paroled Level 3 sex offender was at two different schools in one day recently.

Superintendent Jody Monroe made it clear that the offender did not have any physical or verbal contact with students.

Michael Wilson from Glens Falls was on school grounds for licensed subcontracting work.

Wilson was previously convicted of raping a woman in 2006. The woman was an adult.

Wilson’s profile on the sex offender registry does not mention any crimes against children.

In a letter to parents and guardians, Monroe said Wilson was in the construction areas for both Bethlehem Central Middle School and Slingerlands Elementary School.

He was at the school on Feb. 9. Parents and guardians were notified the same day.

Wilson was at Slingerlands Elementary from 6:10 a.m. until 9:57 a.m. and at Bethlehem Middle from 10:10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Bethlehem school district beefs up securty after sex offender on campus

The school district says this security laps should never happen again.

Wilson is employed by North Country Janitorial Inc. as part of a one-day cleaning team for the construction areas at the schools, according to Monroe.

Proper screening protocols were not followed, allowing a security lapse. All visitors are required to be screened, through a system called Raptor, Monroe said.

In a statement from Supt. Monroe,
“The safety of students and staff is a top priority for the district. We have investigated this incident fully and, as a result, have implemented additional control measures in collaboration with our construction partners. All contractors will now pre-screen the background checks of all subcontractors they hire in addition to the required onsite district screening via the Raptor Visitor Management protocols. All project workers, both contractors and subcontractors, will now be screened via Raptor in one designated location, rather than at individual work sites. This will provide the construction manager, Turner Construction, with stricter oversight, especially for subcontractors who may be on school property for a short period or working at more than one location in the district.”

All current and future contracts with North Country Janitorial Inc. have been terminated.

Wilson was wearing an ankle bracelet on the day of the incident. It ‘pinged’ near Slingerlands Elementary. Bethlehem Police picked him up and transferred him to the Warren County Jail.

DOC said Wilson is back in jail because he violated his parole by being on a school property. Wilson will have a parole revocation hearing on February 27, where his parole could be revoked.