Catskill CSD employee fired after giving interview to NewsChannel 13

Catskill choreographer fired

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CATSKILL, New York — The Catskill Central School District has fired another employee, amid ongoing controversy.

Marcus McGregor — the choreographer for the school’s Cinderella musical — is reportedly out of a job, after giving an interview to NewsChannel 13.

McGregor spoke to NewsChannel 13 Wednesday as students, parents, and other community members were rallying for the school’s principal — Junait Shah–and music director, Michelle Storrs . They were suspended over allegations the music director told a student to put tape over their mouth during a play rehearsal.

McGregor named the student and parents he believed filed the complaint over the tape comment, which many took as a joke, McGregor said.

The district doesn’t name McGregor in its statement Friday, but claims it fired an employee for violating a school confidentiality policy.

McGregor told the Times Union — who first reported the story — he couldn’t speak directly about why he was fired, but said he retained an attorney. NewsChannel 13 reached out to McGregor but hasn’t heard back yet.

McGregor detailed the incident that sparked the controversy in the NewsChannel 13 interview, describing how music teacher allegedly joked with┬ásome talkative students she was going to cover their mouths with tape if they didn’t quiet down during rehearsal. McGregor said one student put tape on their own mouth as part of the joke. McGregor told us a separate student went home and complained to their mother. That mother then allegedly took it up with the school board, who eventually suspended the music teacher and school principal.

“This is not the first complaint that she’s made against us,” McGregor said Wednesday. “It’s a number of them, and it’s funny because I thought they were friends of mine but clearly I know they’re not –and I’m standing here telling you this because I want them to know.”

Shah has since returned from his suspension. Storrs has not. The school’s planned Cinderella play has been delayed, and it’s possible it may not happen at all.