Central Warehouse owner misses more deadlines to repair the eyesore

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More problems keep arising with Albany’s most notorious eyesore: the Central Warehouse. Owner Evan Blum has missed another deadline to make repairs to the building.

He was supposed to get a qualified, licensed engineer to inspect the structural condition of the building, but the city’s buildings director said there has been no compliance.

A few months ago, the city of Albany ordered Blum to fix it up after one side of the wall started to crumble onto the Amtrak train tracks.

There are seven total deadlines. He has already missed five of them. Some of the repairs were due last month. It included cleaning the property and repairing the roof, doors, and windows.

These deadlines are all outlined in a recent report that detailed what is wrong with the building, and how it is considered an immediate public safety hazard.

City officials say there is a case being built against Blum. Each deadline he misses is added to the case.
There are even more repairs ordered for Blum that are due in November and December.