Cideries, distilleries welcome change allowing them to ship directly to customers

Cideries and distilleries welcome change to shipping

Businesses have worked since 2019 to pass the bill.

Local cideries and distilleries are celebrating a “game changer” for their businesses.

In the final hours of the session, a bill passed allowing cideries and distilleries in New York State to reach a whole new audience.

The bill allows businesses to ship cider, spirits, mead and braggot directly to consumers.

The New York State Distillers Guild and New York Cider Association applauded the measure.

Only half of the businesses in the Distillers Guild reported feeling confident that they would still be in business at the end of 2025 without economic changes, according to a survey taken earlier this year.

The new bill is a big change — allowing cideries and distilleries to ship drinks directly to customers. Wineries have been able to do so since the early 2000s.

Nine Pin Cider Works in Albany welcomed the change.

“It’s a very fair bill. It’s time for this bill. We’ve been watching the wine industry grow through these privileges, and it’s only fair that we have the same privileges,” said Co-Owner and General Manager Sonya del Peral.

Del Peral said the effort to pass the bill had faced opposition from retailers and wholesalers. Some retired members of law enforcement also expressed opposition the bill at the state Capitol this year.

Delivery was permitted during the pandemic but later taken away as business resumed normally.

The bill requires an adult signature and I.D. check by the carrier when the packages are delivered.