Colonie Police: Burglars target Asian business owners’ homes

Colonie Police warn about burglaries targeting Asian-Americans

Colonie Police warn about burglaries targeting Asian-Americans

Colonie Police are warning the public of a series of burglaries in which people have posed as delivery drivers to enter Asian business owners’ homes.

They knock on doors to determine whether anyone is home before forcing entry, police said.

Police said that these burglaries have been going on for about a year. There have been eight of these burglaries matching this pattern. Four have happened since Christmas, police said.

They suspect it may be a group of people who may not be in the area.

Deputy Chief Robert Winn said the business owners beginning targeted are from countries all across Asia.

He believes the reason they are being targeted is because of a reluctance to call police.

“There is some distrust, mistrust or some hesitation in the Asian-American community to contact law enforcement, so criminals might believe that in this particular case, maybe they could get away with it by just not having them report the crimes,” he said.

Police are working with business owners and the Chinese Community Center to protect members of the community.

They are asking people to report any suspicious activity to the Colonie Police Department by calling 518-783-2800.

Chinese Community Center President Wei Qin also issued a statement:

“It is unfortunate that we have seen a trend in this criminal behavior, especially around the time of the Lunar New Year. The center encourages our business community to heed the advice of the police, and be alert and aware of your surroundings. It is important to share information with the Police if you see suspicious activity. This collective knowledge will help keep everyone safe,” Qin said.

Other recommendations are to reduce cash transactions and install security systems, according to Qin.