Construction company dropped from racial discrimination lawsuit

One company, headquartered in Clifton Park, is being dropped from a lawsuit that claims a racial slur was made against a Black man.

That man is Corey Joye. He said it happened while he was working on a construction site in Albany.

13Investigates’ Tessa Bentulan spoke to Corey’s lawyer, Jasper Mills, and he told her why they’re making changes.

One company dropped from lawsuit

The lawsuit claims racial discrimination on a job site.

Tessa first told you about Corey in January, right after he filed the lawsuit against three parties.

One of them was A.J.S. Masonry Inc., a construction company.

The reason why they are dropping A.J.S. Masonry Inc. from the lawsuit, said Mills, is because they have agreed to provide witnesses to account for what was alleged to have been said to Corey that day in September 2022.

A.J.S. Masonry sent over a discontinuance notice to 13Investigates, proving they have been dropped from the lawsuit.

The company said none of their employees engaged in any discriminatory conduct towards Corey and are pleased to know Corey has acknowledged this fact.

However, there are still two other parties being sued, Rosenblum Development Corporation and its former employee Jim Shellenberger, who is the man who is alleged to have made a racist comment to Corey.

The lawsuit mentions Shellenberger was a superintendent on the worksite in Albany. They were building an apartment complex at 745 Broadway.

It also states Corey, and a white employee, asked to use a microwave inside a trailer to heat their food during a lunch break.

That’s when Shellenberger allegedly told Corey to use a different door into the trailer because of the color of his skin.

Tessa Bentulan sat down with Corey when the suit was filed in January. Corey told Tessa it was his second day on the job when that happened. He never went back after that.

Rosenblum previously told 13Investigates Shellenberger was fired after a thorough investigation.

13Investigates reached out to Rosenblum once again for another update on the lawsuit. Their communications team said they have received my request for comment.

Mills said they are in the middle of litigation and discovery on the case.