Convicted of killing 2, he shows off ‘All Cops Are Bad’ tattoo as he asks judge for understanding

The tattoo on the right side of Anthony Futia’s head is four letters—ACAB— a known abbreviation for All Cops are Bad or All Cops are Bastards.

Although the meaning behind Futia’s head tattoo can’t be confirmed, he proudly displayed it in court Thursday, wearing his hair back into a bun in an apparent effort to show it off. 

Police and prosecutors who were in the courtroom believe Futia, who has dozens of run-ins with police and three felony convictions, including aggravated vehicular homicide for the deaths of an 8-year-old boy and his stepfather last June in Lake George, was trying to send a message. 

Futia was in court Thursday for a hearing to determine if he’s a persistent felony offender. Warren County District Attorney Jason Carusone said he noticed Futia’s tattoo in court as he told the judge about the dozens of encounters Futia, 34, has had with police—a stabbing, an attack in which he split a man’s head open, and dousing his mother’s porch with gasoline, to name just a few. 

Carusone also told the court of a long list of violations Futia has had behind bars since being held in the Warren County jail and during his two terms in state prison.

This as Futia sat in court displaying his ink, and his attorney, Tucker Stanclift, was asking Judge Rob Smith for leniency and understanding as he decides whether to sentence him as a career criminal. 

When reached Friday for comment about Futia’s apparently anti-police body art, Stanclift said, “I’m grateful we live in a country where individuals can express themselves and be protected by the freedoms granted to all of us under the First Amendment.”

Stanclift said he doesn’t believe the tattoo will be held against his client. “Regardless of whether everyone agrees with the expression. I have confidence in the system to protect that expression and apply the law with no regard to protected speech.”

If Judge Smith finds that Futia is a persistent felon, he could sentence him to up to life in prison for the deaths of Quinton Delgadillo and Jamie Persons in Lake George in June 2022. 

Smith has scheduled sentencing for January 16.