Court file: Man accused of shooting Gillis was hesitant to meet with officers

More details are emerging about what Kevin Monahan said to police the night Kaylin Gillis was shot.

According to court file obtained by NewsChannel 13, police said Monahan told them he didn’t want to walk down his driveway to meet officers.

“Because I wasn’t going to walk down there in the dark, I mean, you guys are cops, but you know, who knows these days.”

Monahan also allegedly said, “he was kind of nervous about walking up on a cop car in the middle of the night.”

This is in addition to what was First on 13 on Tuesday, that Monahan allegedly told police he was asleep when the shooting happened, that he didn’t hear anything and that hunters are often around the area.

Monahan was just arraigned on new charges Wednesday of murder in the second-degree falling under reckless endangerment and depraved indifference.

A trial date is set for September 7.