Defense attorney says sheriff is vilifying client in Gillis case

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Kevin Monahan’s attorney, Kurt Mausert, accuses police of rushing to judgment and vilifying his client.

Mausert told NewsChannel 13 that characterizations that there was a standoff and his client was uncooperative after the shooting are wrong.

Mausert was on the phone with Monahan and police after the shooting of Kaylin Gillis, he said, and he advised him not to leave his house until police told him what he was being charged with.

Gillis was shot and killed over the weekend, after a car she was riding in got lost and turned into the wrong driveway.

Monahan is not an evil person, said Mausert, and blames the sheriff for making him out to be a villain.

“He’s spreading this stuff around the national media…inferring [my client is] some kind of cold-hearted killer with no remorse. All that he’s doing is peeing in the jury pool,” said Mausert.

The sheriff told NewsChannel 13’s Mark Mulholland that he hasn’t made Monahan out to be a villain and that he’s just shared the facts and people can draw their own conclusions.

When asked if Monahan would appeal Wednesday’s decision to be sent back to jail, Mausert said “Probably.”