Dispensary for recreational, medicinal marijuana opens in Albany

First dual licensed cannabis dispensaries opens doors

First dual licensed cannabis dispensaries opens doors

One of the first dual licensed cannabis dispensaries in New York state opened its doors Friday morning.

Verilife opened in Albany at 10 Executive Park Drive in Albany.

It sells a variety of marijuana products for recreational and medicinal use.

“If you’re a cannabis user, we have all the products you would need,” said General Manager Jordan Bobrow. “We have multiple flower options, multiple pre-rolls, edibles, you name it.”
The dispensary has been distributing medical cannabis to patients since 2015.

Also on Friday, the state Office of Cannabis Management is sharing its year-end review of the cannabis industry. Forty adult use retail dispensaries are open for business and more than 3.5 million units of products were sold through November. 

Once December numbers come in, the office expects the sales will exceed $150 million and 6,900 applications for new licenses were submitted for review.