Dozens of cats removed from hoarding situation now quarantined

Twenty cats removed from a home on Lincoln Avenue in Troy are now receiving treatment at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

The CEO of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Ashley Jeffrey Bouck, says the cats were carefully assessed by a team of veterinarians for any medical issues.

“Every cat needs to be dipped because they may be carrying contagious diseases,” she said. “Most of the cats here are malnourished, they have fleas, skin conditions, signs of respiratory issues.”

It’s hard to estimate how many cats are still inside the home, said Bouck, but catching them involves carefully setting up traps inside the home to lure them in without causing any harm.

“We could have upwards of 50 or 70, not really sure the total number of cats inside that house, how many are alive, or how many are wildlife compared to just cats,” she said.

The animal response team from Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is partnering with Troy’s animal department team in trapping the cats, and they’re hoping to successfully remove them all.

Finding shelter for the cats is essential and – as unfortunate as the situation is – it couldn’t have come at a better time, as the humane society is hosting their special for the month of August to “Clear the Shelters.”

Take a look at some of the cats by watching the video of Taniqua Pennix’s story.