Eight arrested in $900,000 credit fraud scheme

Two alleged ringleaders charged in nationwide credit union fraud

Two alleged ringleaders charged in nationwide credit union fraud

Eight people have been indicted in connection with a scheme that targeted credit unions including some in Albany, Clinton, Rensselaer, and Saratoga counties.

The suspects created fake identifications in the names of real credit union customers but used photographs of other people to conduct fraudulent transactions at credit unions all over the country, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

The alleged ringleaders were two Nigerian citizens – Oluswaseun Adekoya and David Daniyan.

Adekoya, who now lives in Newark, New Jersey, and Daniyan, of Brooklyn, allegedly orchestrated over 200 fraudulent transactions since at least December 2021 and fraudulently obtained more than $900,000, prosecutors said. They allegedly used the funds to purchase luxury items including watches, a vehicle and high-end clothing and apparel.

Also arrested Tuesday were Gaysha Kennedy, 45, of Brooklyn, and Danielle Cappetti, 45, of the Bronx. The arrests of four additional defendants are pending.

Law enforcement has seized over $45,000 in proceeds of the conspiracy and an estimated tens of thousands of dollars in luxury jewelry and merchandise.