Family looking for help after storm destroys roof


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As many of us are celebrating the New Year, one Selkirk family is struggling to get back on their feet after their roof collapsed weeks before Christmas.

Tammilyn Brink says their roof was already compromised from a summer fire, but after a mid-December rain storm she said the roof just gave up. “Because of all the rain and flooding it bowed our roof, which was already compromised from the fire we had in the summertime, which we thought we fixed but at this point it’s too far gone,” she said.

Fortunately, Brink says her four year old son wasn’t home at the time, but says her and husband had to break through the backdoor to get inside and remove some of their belongings. “It was pretty scary, she said.

Brink says it’s not safe for them to stay inside, so right now they’re staying with family. “At this point we’re living paycheck to paycheck, so this is going to be forever if we do it on our own,” she said.

A family friend has set up a gofundme for the family.

Fundraiser for Tammilyn Brink by Jaime Hopkins : Repair my friends roof (