Family sues Loudonville detention center after son overdoses in its care

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The family of a teen who died in a juvenile center last year is slamming the organization in a new lawsuit.

NewsChannel 13 told you about the 19-year-old’s death when it first happened last October.

At the time, all Colonie Police could confirm was that he was found dead at the Capital District Juvenile Secure Detention Facility in Loudonville. Police did not believe there was foul play.

Through the new lawsuit, 13Investigates learned Caprist McBrown had two drugs in his system. One of them was fentanyl.

The parents of McBrown claim he died in the hands of one employee, only known as “John Doe.”

They’re also blaming the detention facility and the New York State Justice Center – which acts as a watchdog over the facility.

The lawsuit said that on October 27, 2022, McBrown complained to staff that he was not feeling well and asked to return to his room to nap.

John Doe walked McBrown back to his room, making him one of the last people to see McBrown alive.
Almost two hours later, the lawsuit says McBrown was found unresponsive in his room.

Staff tried to resuscitate him and then called emergency responders, but EMTs were allegedly directed to the wrong entrance, which delayed the response time.

Autopsy results from the Ellis Hospital mortuary determined a combination of fentanyl and trazodone in McBrown’s blood. Trazodone was regularly prescribed to help him sleep.

The lawsuit also claims staff members have smuggled drugs into the detention facility, and the facility allegedly knew that, but did not stop them.

The lawsuit also says McBrown did not have a history of bad behavior and was not on any special watch.
It also claims John Doe was seen nodding and sleeping while on duty the same day as McBrown’s death, implying that he was under the influence.

From what we know, nobody has been charged in this case yet.