FIRST ON 13: Attorneys for driveway shooter say sheriff, DA ‘sleazy’ for recording them

Monahan’s defense lawyers accused DA, sheriff of ‘sleazy’ tactics

Monahan's defense lawyers accused DA, sheriff of 'sleazy' tactics

Attorneys for the Washington County man accusing of fatally shooting a woman in his driveway are accused the sheriff and district attorney’s office of what they called “sleazy” activity.

Kevin Monahan’s lawyers said police and prosecutors illegally recorded them when they went to the sheriff’s office to inspect the shotgun used in the shooting death of Kaylin Gillis. Gillis was killed as she rode in a Ford Explorer that turned around in Monahan’s driveway on the night of April 15.

With the trial scheduled to begin Monday, Monahan’s attorneys visited the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with their gun expert to inspect the shotgun that will be an exhibit at trial. The inspection took place in a sheriff’s booking room equipped with cameras and lawyers Kurt Mausert and Arthur Frost said they were never told they were being recorded and only found out when prosecutors shared the video and audio of them examining the gun as part of the discovery process for the trial.

Mausert writes in a just-filed motion that they and their gun expert, Ken Cooper, were illegally recorded and he wants to make sure the judge doesn’t allow the video to be seen by the jury. Mausert writes that recording them without their knowledge was illegal and “words and phrases like ‘creepy,’ ‘sleazy,’ and ‘feeling violated’ come to mind.” 

Mausert argues using the recording as evidence at trial “carries the potential of derailing the trial.”