FIRST ON 13: Judge rules Kaylin Gillis’ accused killer has no mental disorder

Kaylin Gillis’ accused killer can’t use mental disease as defense

Kaylin Gillis' accused killer can't use mental disease as defense

The man accused of shooting and killing Kaylin Gillis as she rode in a car that mistakenly drove up his driveway has no mental disorder, a judge ruled on Monday.

Judge Adam Michelini said that attorneys for Kevin Monahan cannot use extreme emotional disturbance as a defense for the murder of Gillis outside his Hebron home on April 15.

The judge’s decision, which comes ahead of the trial currently scheduled to start at the end of the month, cited the evaluation of the doctor who examined Monahan:

“According to the report, the testing and evaluation disclosed no mental disease or defect and found that the defendant has ‘no diagnosable mental disorder, no psychotic disorder, no major mood disorders and no significant other mental disorders.”

The judge wrote that the doctor hired by the defense found no issues with Monahan’s mental health. Monahan was described as presenting a “largely normal range personality profile” and appears to be “reasonably well adjusted.”

Judge Michelini ruled that the doctor will not be allowed to testify because Monahan has not been diagnosed with any mental defect.

The judge also found that Monahan was not impaired the night of the fatal shooting.

“There is no indication that the defendant consumed any drugs or alcohol on the night of the alleged crime or that he was intoxicated,” Michelini wrote. “He was not diagnosed with any substance abuse disorder or personality disorder.”