FIRST ON 13: Judge tells Kevin Monahan that he can’t visit scene of deadly shooting

FORT EDWARD – A Washington County judge has denied a request by accused murderer Kevin Monahan to visit his property.

Judge Adam Michelini ruled Wednesday that Monahan, who is accused of shooting and killing Kaylin Gillis as she was a passenger in a Ford Explorer that had mistakenly driven up his Hebron driveway, cannot go to his Patterson Hill Road home.

Monahan is in jail without bail. His attorney, Kurt Mausert, had asked that Washington County Sheriff’s deputies be allowed to bring Monahan to his home to confer with him. In his motion to the court, Mausert wrote: “There is no possible way for [Monahan] to adequately inform his counsel about what occurred that evening without being physically present at the scene with his counsel.”

The judge denied the motion, writing that Monahan’s attorneys have “unfettered access to” the scene and can take all the photos, videos and measurements they need and then confer with Monahan, who has lived at the residence for 40 years.

Monahan has added another attorney to his defense team. Mausert says Arthur Frost of the Troy law firm Frost & Kavanaugh will be the lead trial counsel on the case.

If convicted of murder, Monahan, 65, could be sentenced to up to 25 years to life in prison.