FIRST ON 13: Man accused of stabbing ex-girlfriend pleads guilty mid-trial

Man pleads guilty to attempted murder mid-trial

We're learning more about why a man suddenly pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the middle of his trial.

The man accused of trying to kill his ex-girlfriend on their college campus in Troy pleaded guilty during testimony in Rensselaer County Court earlier this week.

The District Attorney’s office told NewsChannel 13 a Troy Police officer had been on the stand earlier this week in the middle of the trial, before 22-year-old Zymeir Walton pleaded guilty to the original indictment. 

Defense Attorney Jasper Mills, who is representing Walton, told NewsChannel 13’s Stella Porter his client pleaded guilty after a “conversation of a reduced proposed sentence.” The terms of the plea were not immediately available.

Walton had maintained his innocence, and Mills said his “client had a lot of proof” but weighed the uncertainties of a jury trial.

The indictment said Walton tried to kill his ex-girlfriend by stabbing her multiple times with a kitchen knife. The scene played out in the parking lot of Hudson Valley Community College, where the two were students, on Nov. 3, 2022.

He is also accused of assault and robbery. Documents said he forcibly stole her car during the incident.

The stabbing left her severely injured. Walton had originally pleaded not guilty and claimed the stabbing happened in self-defense.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Garrett Barmore.

Walton is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.