Saratoga Springs mayor demands full details of Proud Boys demonstration

Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim is demanding Public Safety for a full account of The Proud Boys demonstration on Saturday, August 5 on Broadway.

The Proud Boys is a far right group that’s gained national attention.

Hours after the request was made, Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino wrote a full report to Kim. It said police did not know of the group’s marching until they received a call from a concerned citizen.

A police report was then filed. It stated, “The group was carrying flags and signs, and they were all dressed in yellow and black.”

It does not seem that any arrests were made.

Montagnino said he is unaware of any offense committed under New York state or federal law. However, Montagnino said he believes the march qualified as a parade.

“As such, a permit would need to have been applied for and granted by the Commissioner of Accounts for the march to have been legal…if such a permit was not obtained in advance of the march, the organizers and participants of the march may be subject to the penalties prescribed in the City Code,” according to Montagnino’s report.

Montagnino recommended to Kim that the organizers of the march be charged with violations.