Forced evacuees told they could move back in homes in a week, Troy mayor says not so fast

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Residents from the Harbour Point Gardens apartment complex are still without a home.

The Regional Property Manager of Harbour Point Gardens, Michael Evangelista estimates residents could move back in their homes as early as Monday, June 26th. “We’re hoping, yes I mean that’s the goal here. It’s not guaranteed, there’s no guarantees yet, but everything is looking pretty good,” he said.

However, Mayor Madden says more work needs to be done. Madden sent the following statement. “I am seriously concerned by the fact that 182 Delaware LLC, THE BUILDING OWNERS, is reportedly telling tenants they may move back into these unsafe apartments on Monday, and that they have not put up the necessary safety fencing we ordered.” The 58-unit apartment building was evacuated due to structural problems and safety concerns.”

On night two of their stay at Red Roof Inn, Evangelista was at the hotel helping pass out food for the displaced renters. “It’s kind of hectic with all the renters. We’re trying to make sure everyone’s happy, everybody has a roof over their head,” he said.

Families from 58 units had to vacate the premise in less than 24 hours. After inspecting the building, code enforcers noted the brick façade on the building could fall at any moment, and deemed the building  unsafe for residents to live. However the Evangelista says it’s not that bad. “We found out it was something very minor. It was the veneer on the bricks that was the issue and the town tried saying it was the actual structure on the building which it wasn’t. It was totally the opposite. It was just the bricks on the outside, so we’re getting the bricks fixed,” he said.

Evangelista says they’ve done everything the town has asked them to do. In a phone call, Evangelista tells News Channel 13 he’s going to city hall Monday, June 25th with his lawyers to meet with city lawyers about getting clearance for some residents to return to their apartments.

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