Former aid worker tells story of being kidnapped, rescued in Somalia

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Former aide worker Jessica Buchanan said she told her bosses about her fears of traveling in South Somalia because of reports of pirates. The American said they told her it was her job to travel there, so she set out to do so, and it happened.

Next thing she knew, she had an AK-47 to her head. Her worst nightmare was coming true.

Buchanan and another aid worker lived in the desert for more than three months. Her kidnappers wanted millions of dollars, she told Elaine Houston on “The Elaine Houston Podcast.”

Frail and sick from malnourishment, Buchanan developed a kidney infection. She was also abused – enduring 93 days of starvation.

However, from the very beginning of her ordeal, Buchanan said she made a pact with her colleague that they could feel fear, anger or rage. However, despair was not an option. 

On the 93rd day of capacity, her remarkable courage to stay alive was met with a dramatic nighttime rescue by SEAL Team 6 – the same Navy SEAL team that killed Osama Bin Laden. 

She remembers vividly the rescuer who grabbed her by the feet in an attempt to take her to safety.

Learn about what that was like and see how Buchanan is doing now by watching the video of Elaine Houston’s story.